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An Apple Watch WatchKit app that displays the current time using random single-digit photos from Flickr.

Both Objective-C and Swift implementations are provided. I am still learning Swift, so it may be less than stellar, but I tried to do a pretty straight-forward port of the Objective-C code.

Also, please note the performance on an actual watch would probably be terrible as it is transfering a lot of image data from the phone to the watch.

For entertainment/educational purposes only.


This app uses the FlickrKit project to talk to the Flickr API. If you clone this repo it will definitely not compile unless you also clone the FlickrKit repo as a sibling to this repo. You will also need to register your own Flickr Developer App to get your own OAuth keys to use in the watch app. This repo is mostly provided as a code/storyboard reference, but with some effort you can also get it working in your simulator.


watch 12hr

watch 24hr