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PLEASE NOTE: The filename of the userscript should be newtwitterbetter.user.js (not _user.js), I had to rename it for the git repo so that browsers would not try to auto-install the script when simply browsing the code

New Twitter Better

A greasemonkey/userscript with a collection of tweaks to make New Twitter better.

You'll know it's working when you see this blurb as Twitter loads:


  1. A "Refresh" button on the DM page:

  2. Better polling logic on the DM page, so that as you receive messages it will recheck more frequently (then back off) so conversations feel more real-time. Normal polling logic is just to refresh every 90 seconds (a.k.a. An Eternity).

Additions welcome!

Just fork, add some cool stuff, then send a pull request.

This userscript has been tested in Chrome on OSX and Ubuntu.


Public Domain