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Remotely Approving UAMDM

This is a POC of how to remotely enable UAMDM on machines running 10.13.2 or higher. It requires having remote access to a machine (via VNC or ARD) and having administrator privileges on the machine as well.

The basic setup steps needed are:

  1. Open System Preferences --> Security & Privacy --> Privacy
  2. Click the Accessibility option
  3. Add, using the plus (+) button, the app Script Editor (/Applications/Utilities/Script to allow it extra privileges over your machine
  4. Close System Preferences
  5. Run the downloaded "Remotely Approve UAMDM.scpt" from this repo
  6. Your machine should now have an approved UAMDM status

This script will handle the following for you now:

  1. Open System Preferences
  2. Click the Profiles prefPane
  3. Find the Device Manager profile
  4. Click the Approve button(s)