The BEST Way to Design a Comb.
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Comb Script

The Best Way to Design a Comb

First, try the online demo.


CombScript is a language for describing technical vector designs and a tool that exports these designs as SVG files. A primary goal of CombScript is to express designs naturally, so they are easier to adjust and customize.

CombScript was inspired by OpenSCAD, CSS, HTML, and Adobe Illustrator snapping shenanigans.

  • Parametric

    Because shapes in CombScript can be positioned relative to the bounds of their parents, it is possible to make designs that flex when dimensions change.

  • Expressive

    Positions can be described in multiple ways allowing more natural expression. For example you can specify that a circle is 10 units from the right side of its container and vertically centered, rather than expressing its global coordinates.

  • Declarative

    CombScript is more like HTML than JavaScript. Ideally, your document describes your design, not the steps required to make it.

  • Unstyled

    Shapes in CombScript represent only the path data and don't have their own style properties like fill-color, stroke-color, or stroke-width. CombScript is primarily designed for designs that describe paths for laser-cutters and plotters where such styles are not needed.

  • Boolean Operations

    Combine shapes using boolean operations: Intersection, Union, and Difference

  • Render to SVG

    Shape data can be exported as SVG using style templates.