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Laser Cut Parts

Most of the custom parts for the Drawbot are designed to be laser-cut from 1/8 inch acrylic. The plastic will run about $20-$30, excluing cutting.

Purchase Parts

Part Quantity Price Each Source
Arduino UNO 1 $29.95
Adafruit Motor Shield 1 $19.50
NEMA 17 Motor 2 $14.00
End Stop Switch 2 $1.95
Micro Servo 1 $5.95
Servo Extension Cables 2 $2.50
608 Skate Bearings 8-Pack 1 $7.75
M3 Screws 20mm 1 $4.00 <> 92095A185
M3 Screws 12mm 1 $5.13 <> 92095A183
M3 Screws 6mm 1 $5.06 <> 92095A179
M3 Nuts 1 $1.39 <> 90591A121
Open Beam 6-Pack 3+ $64.99
Timing Cable* 7+ $2.00
Timing Pulley (5MM Shaft) 1 $4.50

3D Printing

If you have access to a 3D printer, you might want to 3D print the pen holder, or you can mount a pen to the servo in another way. We used rubberbands and tape before we printed the pen mount.

We also printed our own timing pulley, instead of ordering it.