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44 _layouts/default.html
@@ -22,8 +22,8 @@
<div class="container">
<div class="column span-20 prepend-2 append-2 first last" id="header">
- <p class="title">Josh's GitHub Spot</p>
- <hr>
+ <p class="title">Manhattan Metric: The Web Home of Joshua Ballanco</p>
+ <hr/>
<div class="column span-15 prepend-2 first">
@@ -31,14 +31,39 @@
<div class="column span-5 append-2 last">
- <h4>Random Info</h4>
- <div id="github-badge"></div>
+ <script charset="utf-8" src=""></script>
+ <script>
+ new TWTR.Widget({
+ version: 2,
+ type: 'profile',
+ rpp: 4,
+ interval: 30000,
+ width: 250,
+ height: 300,
+ theme: {
+ shell: {
+ background: '#b7b9bd',
+ color: '#424242'
- <h4>Twitter</h4>
- <ul id="twitter_update_list"></ul>
- <a href="" id="twitter-link" style="display:block;text-align:right;">follow me on Twitter</a>
- </div>
+ },
+ tweets: {
+ background: '#e7e9ed',
+ color: '#424242',
+ links: '#125aa7'
+ }
+ },
+ features: {
+ scrollbar: false,
+ loop: false,
+ live: false,
+ behavior: 'all'
+ }
+ ).render().setUser('manhattanmetric').start();
+ </script>
@@ -47,9 +72,6 @@
-<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>
-<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
-<script type="text/javascript" src=";count=1"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
var gaJsHost = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? "https://ssl." : "http://www.");
document.write(unescape("%3Cscript src='" + gaJsHost + "' type='text/javascript'%3E%3C/script%3E"));
@@ -6,18 +6,36 @@ title: Home Page
{{ page.title }}
-Welcome to my GitHub home! It's not much at the moment, but with any luck, that will be changing soon...
+This is the website of Joshua Ballanco, or at least what I've managed to put together so far. Mostly, that means links to some of my
+GitHub repos. If you're interested in more of my thoughts, you might want to check out [my blog](
-## Public Projects
+## Ph.D. Stuff
-### [Shoes Textmate Bundle](
-Probably the most useful of my projects currently. It's not as up to date as I'd like, but it works (try cmd-R, you'll like it).
+### [Ph.D. Preliminary Exam](
+This is the paper I prepared as part of my Ph.D. preliminary examination. The topic is "The Importance of Side-Chain Entropy in
+Protein Folding"... I know, riveting stuff, right? If you're the sort of person that likes this kind of stuff, you can also get the
+LaTeX source for the paper [here]( I've released it all under a [CC BY-NC
-### [U.S.S. Monte Carlo](
-This was my entry into the first Ruby Sparing tournament. Turns out, Battleship logic is not so simple!
+### [Ph.D. Thesis Dissertation](
+This is the full text of my Ph.D. Thesis Dissertation entitled "A Model for the Evolution of Nucleotide Polymerase Directionality".
+If you don't feel like slogging through a full thesis, you can also check out the slightly shorter version that I published as a
+paper in [PLoS One]( The LaTeX source is also available
+[here]( and is also licensed under a [CC BY-NC
-### [textmate](
-Small (and I do mean small) improvement on Yahuda Katz textmate command line tool. Pretty much completely superseded by Get Bundles.
+### [Evolver](
+This is the "toy model" (that's a technical term) that I constructed and studied as the bulk of my Ph.D. Thesis work. It was
+originally written in Ruby (and the "master" branch represents the final version used for all of the work presented in my
+dissertation), but I've also begun experimenting with re-implementing it in other languages.
-### [Ph.D. Preliminary Exam](
-Yes, I even put my LaTeX document for my prelim on GitHub. I'm not going to publish it (it's not really publish-worthy), but if anyone's interested the topic is "The Importance of Side-Chain Entropy in Protein Folding". Trust me, it's riveting stuff...
+## Other Stuff
+### [A Y-Combinator in Objective-C](
+I went ahead and implemented the Y-Combinator using blocks in Objective-C. Why? As the great George Mallory put it: "Because it's
+### [Scrabbler](
+I've been learning Clojure with a group of co-workers, and this is one of the "homework" projects that we set out for ourselves.
+I've also been using it to experiment with the new Clojure `reducers` library. Expect to see more on this topic soon...

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