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hacky chatbots I threw together
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This is a little family of robots that help out with development. They use node.js.


npm install irc redis underscore nomnom request


pushbot subscribes to a redis channel and waits for chief to tell it about pushes. Then it parses the push logs to tell us what's going on with the push in real-time.

pushbot is configured with a separate javascript config file. Run it like this:

node pushbot.js <config.js>

where config looks like this:

options = [
        /* IRC channel. */
        channel: '#amo',
        /* Bot name. */
        name: 'pushbot',
        /* Redis host:port */
        redis: 'localhost:6379',
        /* Redis pubsub channel name. */
        pubsub: 'deploy.addons',
        /* URL to the chief log directory. */
        logs: '',
        /* List of nicks to notify after the deploy. */
        notify: ['krupa'],
        /* URL that shows the current revision of the site. */
        revision: '',
        /* URL to the github repo. */
        github: '',
        /* Name of the site. */
        site: 'zamboni'

Since pushbot takes an array of objects for configuration, you can watch multiple pubsub channels in the same process. Just make sure you give each pushbot a different IRC name and pubsub channel. Check out a real config for two sites in pushbot-settings.js.

During a push, you can ask pushbot for more details:

pushbot: st[at[us]]

Or you can ask about what failed:

pushbot: f[ail[ed]]


amobot subscribes to a redis channel and waits for freddo to tell it about automatic deploys.addons-dev.

Run it like this:

node amobot.js

You can ask amobot if -dev is up to date with the latest master:

amobot: yo
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