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jingo's direct_to_template should be consistent with Django's version of it #2

fwenzel opened this Issue · 3 comments

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Django's direct_to_template allows setting the template, mimetype, and extra_context:

Jingo, instead takes the dictionary it is fed as kwargs and drops its content directly into the context. This makes setting the mime type impossible.


Just replacing direct_to_template with jingo.render in is apparently a workaround.


I like that. Does that mean we can get rid of jingo.views?


I think so. The syntax needs to change from url('/foo', direct_to_template, {template: x.html, var1: ...}) to url('/foo', jingo.render, {template: x.html, context: {var1:..., var2: ...}} -- the nested dictionaries are a little less fun than before, but if we do that, jingo.views becomes obsolete.

@jsocol jsocol closed this issue from a commit
James Socol Remove jingo.views and tests. Fix #2.
With the changes since #2 was filed, it's no longer necessary to have
jingo.views.direct_to_template at all. Django's direct_to_template view
works just fine with jingo.Loader.

I cleaned up some tests, but jingo.render_to_string is still a different
function than django.template.loader.render_to_string, so I wasn't able
to drop that.
@jsocol jsocol closed this in 52b1f57
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