moonshoes is a redirection service that will make your urls a lot longer.
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moonshoes is a redirection service that will make your urls a lot longer. Why another redirector?

1. We can't link directly to any user-submitted urls on sites like because we don't want people installing malicious Firefox add-ons from bad links on our site.

2. We don't want to use a shortener like since that obscures the final destination of the url.

3. We want to add a hash for security, so that attackers don't try to use the mozilla redirector to give credibility to a malicious site.

moonshoes creates urls that look like<hash>/<the real url>

This is a link to for my moonshoes on localhost:



A moonshoes link is created by taking the sha1 hash of your url and a secret shared between your server and a moonshoes server.

>>> import hashlib
>>> secret = 'omgsecret'
>>> url = ''
>>> hash = hashlib.sha1(secret + url).hexdigest()
>>> link = '' % (hash, url)

If you're creating links that are going to be viewed in a browser, make sure you url-encode the url after you create the hash. The link needs to be encoded to preserve any query or fragment pieces. Otherwise, the query parameters will be taken as parameters to moonshoes and the fragment will be completely dropped.

The right way to create a link:

>>> import urllib2, hashlib
>>> secret = 'omgsecret'
>>> url = ''
>>> hash = hashlib.sha1(secret + url).hexdigest()
>>> print '<a href=">Redirect</a>' % (hash, urllib2.quote(url))
<a href=">Redirect</a>


moonshoes is only available from source at the moment. It can be retrieved from its home on github with:

git clone git://

Now you should set up your virtual environment using either virtualenv or virtualenvwrapper. I like virtualenvwrapper, so I say

mkvirtualenv --python=/usr/local/bin/python2.6 --no-site-packages moonshoes

and then install pip in the virtual environment with:

easy_install pip

Now you can download the requirements for moonshoes:

pip install -r  moonshoes/requirements.txt


moonshoes expects you to make a python file called and hide your secret key in there. It's in a separate file so it stays out of revision control.

secret = 'omgsecret'

Once you have a secret key, moonshoes is ready to go! Run it like this:


This will start a toy server running on localhost:8000. If you used 'omgsecret' as your secret (for shame!), http://localhost:8000/v1/11724597ebf0e0415f92df56da7f2ca3f56f728f/ should redirect you to the moonshoes homepage.


Let me get back to you on that one.