Extracts gettext fallbacks to messages.po, useful on AMO
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Finds all the gettext calls that have an inline fallback and moves that fallback into the messages.po file. Thus, you can use ___('msgid', 'msgstr') when you're writing new code and use this script to clean up afterwards.

poboy won't edit any code files. Instead, it prints out a unified diff that you can check for correctness and send to patch. I didn't want to deal with rewriting files safely.

How I use it

Find all the strings that have a fallback:

poboy locale/en_US/LC_MESSAGES/messages.po --find

Find the strings with a fallback that aren't already in messages.po:

poboy locale/en_US/LC_MESSAGES/messages.po -an

That's -a for --add (to the .po file) and -n for --dry_run.

Show the strings that will be added and the cleanup patch:

poboy locale/en_US/LC_MESSAGES/messages.po -n

And the fun one, add the strings to messages.po and generate a cleanup patch:

poboy locale/en_US/LC_MESSAGES/messages.po > poboy.patch

Testing the service hook