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📊 Analytics Dashboard being built with Ruby and Google Charts JavaScript library
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Analytics Dashboard

This project is using Ruby to build a high powered analytics dashboard website using Google Charts JavaScript library which is being hosted on GitHub Pages. It runs successfully both on Mac OS and Ubuntu.

Part of this project is based on a real commercial software project and it builds statistics by data mining mostly XML Schema from a software system. Most of the XML Schema for this project was hand created and the rest comes from the open source Ruby programming language.

Another interesting technique that is being used is concatenation to build all the HTML 5 pages, which are then written to files via variable interpolation.

Bootstrap and jQuery are being used for a responsive designed mobile first website.

Ruby instance variables are being used for each HTML page via the instance_variable_get and instance_variable_set built in Ruby custom functions.

Ruby global variables are being used for the width and height of each chart.

I am using cloc, to display statistics about languages and lines of code at the top of the homepage.

On Ubuntu you can install cloc as seen below:

sudo apt-get install cloc

For Mac OS you can use Homebrew to install cloc:

brew install cloc


Fork and pull request. Simple.

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