Pure Go implementation of D. J. Bernstein's cdb constant database library.
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go-cdb is a pure Go package to read and write cdb ("constant database") files.

The cdb file format is a machine-independent format with the following features:

  • Fast lookups: A successful lookup in a large database normally takes just two disk accesses. An unsuccessful lookup takes only one.
  • Low overhead: A database uses 2048 bytes, plus 24 bytes per record, plus the space for keys and data.
  • No random limits: cdb can handle any database up to 4 gigabytes. There are no other restrictions; records don't even have to fit into memory.

See the original cdb specification and C implementation by D. J. Bernstein at http://cr.yp.to/cdb.html.


Assuming you have a working Go environment, installation is simply:

go get github.com/jbarham/go-cdb

The package documentation can be viewed online at http://gopkgdoc.appspot.com/pkg/github.com/jbarham/go-cdb or on the command line by running go doc github.com/jbarham/go-cdb.

The included self-test program cdb_test.go illustrates usage of the package.


The go-cdb package includes ports of the programs cdbdump and cdbmake from the original implementation.