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Missing encoding #1

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I've updated from v0.5 to v1.0, which breaks the former working code. In v1.0 the encoding type can't be specified any more:

That works with v0.5:
g =
:title => title,
:legend => ["S", "S", "R", "C"],
:data => [ data1, data2, data3, data4 ],
:bar_colors => ['FF0000', '00FF00', '0000FF', 'DDDDDD' ],
:axis_with_labels => "x",
:axis_labels => [weeks],
:size => "600x500",
:encoding => "text",
:bar_width_and_spacing => '25,6',
:extras => "chm=N,FF0000,-1,,12|N,000000,0,,12,,c|N,000000,1,,12,,c|N,ffffff,2,,12,,c"

In v1.0 the :encoding => "text" attribute is missing.

I want to create a stacked graph with a total value on top as described in the Google chart API:,20&chxt=x&chts=000000,15&cht=bvs&chd=t:4,4,4,4,4,3|10,9,10,9,8,6|3,2,4,2,3,5&chco=a3d5f7,389ced,004f9f&chbh=r,.6&chm=N,FF0000,-1,,12|N,000000,0,,12,,c|N,000000,1,,12,,c|N,ffffff,2,,12,,c&chxl=0:|May|Jun|Jul|Aug|Sep|Oct

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