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This will always be in progress.

This is supposed to cover as many code syntax and scenarios that might come up whilst writing code for/with Cirro. Many ideas and structures were borrowed(stolen) from other people including jbarnette, jQuery Core Style Guidelines as well as seeing other people do awesome and stupid things.

The Laws

  • Follow the guidelines consistently. If you see code that doesn't, fix it.
  • Use your brain. Ignore the guidelines when appropriate...but not unilaterally.
  • Obsess about this stuff. Make it damn near impossible to figure out who wrote any given line of code without source control.


These ideas apply to all languages.

  • Wrap at 80 col/chars (deal with it).
  • Use two real spaces rather than tab(\t)
  • Use vertical white space liberally but only one line at a time.
  • Use === rather than ==.
  • Commenting
    • In block comments, full sentences and proper grammar/punctuation.
    • Inline comments need only be as long as required for clarity.
    • Verbosity is preferred. Someone should be able to read through your code once and fully understand it.
  • Variables
    • Declare all variables at TOP.
    • Variable names should be as long as needed to fully describe their function.



  • Reference Drupal Doxygen
  • Use of Doxygen @param and @return minimum required, @see encouraged.
  • Page Calbacks must have the @see for the module hook_menu function that calls the page callback. Also, the immediate description must be prefixed by "Page Callback:" as shown below.
 * Page Callback: Description of what the page callback does.
 * Additional description goes here if needed and can run more than
 * one line.
 * @param $arg1
 *   Declare arguments just like any other function.
 * @return
 *   Describe the return just like any other function.
 * @see module_menu().

Variable names should always include underscores rather than camelCode.


  • If statements should always be in block format with curlies and spacing structure as below. No exceptions
if ( x === y ) {

  // ...

  • Only use a Ternary Operator when it is an actual boolean If/Else AND it fits within the 80 col wrap.
  • When the number of evaluations causes a wrap, stack and indent appropriately.
if (
  eval1 &&
  eval2 &&
  eval3 &&
  ( eval4a || eval4b )
) {

  // ...


Nested ifs may be preferred in this scenario.

  • If/Else statements should also be in block format.
// Evaluation description
if ( $a === $b ) {
  // Action description
  // ...

} else {

  // Reiterate else relative to evaluation

  // Else action description
  // ...



  • Loops are similar to Ifs and their block format while tweaking as necessary by syntax.
foreach ( $array as $key => $value ) {

  // ...



$query = new EntityFieldQuery;
$result = $query
  ->entityCondition('entity_type', $type)
  ->otherMethod($var1, $var2)

Direct Query

// Query description
$query_string = 'SELECT field FROM {table} WHERE arg= :arg';
$query = db_query($query_string, array(':arg' => $arg));
$result = $query->fetchAll();

// Query descriptions
$query_string = '
  SELECT feild1, field2
  FROM {table}
  WHERE arg1= :arg1
  AND arg2= :arg2
$args = array(
  ':arg1' => $arg1,
  ':arg2' => $arg2,
$query = db_query($query_string, $args);
$result = $query->fetchAll();


Never use double quotes unless there is a variable within the string. Always use double quotes with escaped characters as needed when including variables. Avoid concatenation at all costs.


'This string is' . $emotion . ' and it is mine.';


"This string is $emotion and it is mine.";

Building HTML

Think of building your HTML from the inside outward. NEVER separate opening and closing tags across PHP sections.


// Init
$html = '';
$content = 'Content';

// Open wrapper
$html .= '<div class="wrapper">';

// Add content
$html .= $content;

// Close wrapper
$html .= '</div>';


// Init
$html = '';
$wrapper = '';
$content = 'Content';

// Build wrapper
$wrapper = "
  <div class=\\"wrapper\\">

// Add wrapped content to html
$html .= $wrapper;


All variable names are camelCode with no punctuation. Declare all variables individually at TOP. Plugin filenames should be prefixed by 'jquery.'.


Anonymous divs are not allowed. Give it some sort of Class or ID even if they won't be used.

Auto Focus on Fields To autofocus a field add the following attribute to an input element



Section Comments

// Section Name

Sub sections are marked with simple inline comments like PHP. Custom changes are always written in _cirro.sass