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require "rubygems"
require "hoe"
require "rake/extensiontask"
Hoe.plugin :debugging, :git
HOE = Hoe.spec "johnson" do
developer "John Barnette", ""
developer "Aaron Patterson", ""
developer "Yehuda Katz", ""
developer "Matthew Draper", ""
self.extra_rdoc_files = FileList["*.rdoc"]
self.history_file = "CHANGELOG.rdoc"
self.readme_file = "README.rdoc"
self.test_globs = %w(test/**/*_test.rb)
clean_globs << "lib/johnson/spidermonkey.bundle"
clean_globs << "tmp"
clean_globs << "vendor/spidermonkey/**/*.OBJ"
clean_globs << "ext/**/*.{o,so,bundle,a,log}"
# FIX: this crap needs to die
extra_deps << "rake"
extra_dev_deps << "rake-compiler"
self.spec_extras = { :extensions => %w(Rakefile) }
end "spidermonkey", HOE.spec do |ext|
ext.lib_dir = "lib/johnson"
task :test => :compile
Dir["lib/tasks/*.rake"].each { |f| load f }
# HACK: If Rake is running as part of the gem install, clear out the
# default task and make the extensions compile instead.
Rake::Task[:default].prerequisites.replace %w(compile) if ENV["RUBYARCHDIR"]
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