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#include "context.h"
#include "conversions.h"
#include "error.h"
#include "idhash.h"
static VALUE evaluate(VALUE self, VALUE script)
Check_Type(script, T_STRING);
OurContext* context;
Data_Get_Struct(self, OurContext, context);
// clean things up first
context->ex = 0;
memset(context->msg, 0, MAX_EXCEPTION_MESSAGE_SIZE);
char* scriptz = StringValuePtr(script);
jsval js;
JSBool ok = JS_EvaluateScript(context->js, context->global,
scriptz, strlen(scriptz), NULL, 1, &js);
if (!ok)
if (JS_IsExceptionPending(context->js))
// If there's an exception pending here, it's a syntax error.
JS_GetPendingException(context->js, &context->ex);
char* msg = context->msg;
// toString() whatever the exception object is (if we have one)
if (context->ex) msg = JS_GetStringBytes(JS_ValueToString(context->js, context->ex));
return Johnson_Error_raise(msg);
return convert_to_ruby(context, js);
static VALUE get(VALUE self, VALUE name)
Check_Type(name, T_STRING);
OurContext* context;
Data_Get_Struct(self, OurContext, context);
jsval js_value;
assert(JS_GetProperty(context->js, context->global, StringValuePtr(name), &js_value));
return convert_to_ruby(context, js_value);
static VALUE set(VALUE self, VALUE name, VALUE value)
Check_Type(name, T_STRING);
OurContext* context;
Data_Get_Struct(self, OurContext, context);
jsval js_value = convert_to_js(context, value);
assert(JS_SetProperty(context->js, context->global, StringValuePtr(name), &js_value));
return value;
static void error(JSContext* js, const char* message, JSErrorReport* report)
// first we find ourselves
VALUE self = (VALUE)JS_GetContextPrivate(js);
// then we find our bridge
OurContext* context;
Data_Get_Struct(self, OurContext, context);
// NOTE: SpiderMonkey REALLY doesn't like being interrupted. If we
// jump over to Ruby and raise here, segfaults and such ensue.
// Instead, we store the exception (if any) and the error message
// on the context. They're dealt with in the if (!ok) block of evaluate().
strncpy(context->msg, message, MAX_EXCEPTION_MESSAGE_SIZE);
JS_GetPendingException(context->js, &context->ex);
static void deallocate(OurContext* context)
JS_SetContextPrivate(context->js, 0);
assert(JS_RemoveRoot(context->js, &(context->gcthings)));
static VALUE allocate(VALUE klass)
OurContext* context = calloc(1, sizeof(OurContext));
assert(context->runtime = JS_NewRuntime(0x100000));
assert(context->js = JS_NewContext(context->runtime, 8192));
assert(context->jsids = create_id_hash());
assert(context->rbids = create_id_hash());
assert(context->gcthings = JS_NewObject(context->js, NULL, 0, 0));
assert(context->global = JS_NewObject(context->js, &OurGlobalClass, NULL, NULL));
assert(JS_InitStandardClasses(context->js, context->global));
assert(JS_AddRoot(context->js, &(context->gcthings)));
VALUE self = Data_Wrap_Struct(klass, 0, deallocate, context);
JS_SetErrorReporter(context->js, error);
JS_SetContextPrivate(context->js, (void *)self);
return self;
void init_Johnson_SpiderMonkey_Context(VALUE spidermonkey)
VALUE context = rb_define_class_under(spidermonkey, "Context", rb_cObject);
rb_define_alloc_func(context, allocate);
rb_define_method(context, "evaluate", evaluate, 1);
rb_define_method(context, "[]", get, 1);
rb_define_method(context, "[]=", set, 2);
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