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RubyGems Future Speculation

An isolated repo for trying out ridiculous ideas for RubyGems. Don't get excited, these are just experiments. Briefly:

Gem::Runtime represents most of the static stuff that lives on Gem right now. It exposes gem and require (which are delegated to the repo), and it manages a Gem::Repo and a list of Gem::Sourcees.

Gem::Repo manages a local store of gems. It provides methods for activation and search.

Gem::Source is a protocol classes can implement to participate in installation, remote searches, and dependency resolution. The only source that's currently implemented is Gem::Source::Local, but I'd expect to see sources for the current marshal API, a JSON API, a set of Git repos, etc. Gem::Repo can also act like a source.

When a gem is pulled from a source, it's delivered as a Gem::Installable, which knows how to install itself in a repo. The default implementation uses Gem::Installer, but one could just as easily symlink an unpacked directory or something similar.

Gem::Info is a very light Gem::Specification equivalent. It contains the minimum amount of information necessary to express dependencies and the like.

Gem::Collection unifies many of the sorting, filtering, and searching idioms scattered around RubyGems.

Things to try

bin/jim ls -e # uses GEM_HOME and GEM_PATH
bin/jim search -s $GEM_HOME # a local source
bin/jim install foo -s $GEM_HOME # install from $GEM_HOME to tmp/repo


Put a clone of RubyGems master in a rubygems directory next to this one. Because this is kind of a meta thing, test deps are vendored. rake test does what you'd expect, but since this is a scratchpad coverage is very spotty.

Start by looking at and playing with bin/jim, a really simple command-line exerciser. It expects to be run from the root of the project.

I mostly dev with 1.9.2, but I periodically check things with 1.8.6, 1.8.7, REE 1.8.7, 1.9.1, 1.9.2, MRI's head, JRuby's latest release, MacRuby's latest release, and Rubinius' latest release.