Please specify the server domain via the :domain variable #4

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I get the error if I try and use ":scm => :git". The config/deploy.rb file does exist and specifies :domain. If I do not specify an scm and it falls back to svn I do not get this error. Of course it instead I get an error about :repository not being a URL.

I'm using vlad 2.0 and vlad-git 2.1.

any answer on this?

salemine commented Jan 3, 2017

I've posted a gist of one of my working deploy.rb here:

gemfile entries:
gem 'vlad', '> 2.7'
gem 'vlad-git', '
> 2.2'

It took more time than it should to configure first time but the only real issue is that vlad-git is not maintained and there is no response to issues. I might fork it.

Even though vlad is old, it is a joy compared to using carpistrano and I suspect still has a lot of use cases.

Good luck.

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