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// Index creation
CREATE INDEX ON :Item(itemId);
CREATE INDEX ON :Department(deptName);
CREATE INDEX ON :Category(catName);
CREATE INDEX ON :Brand(brandName);
// Import Clothing Materials Ontology
CALL semantics.importOntology("","Turtle", { keepLangTag: true, handleMultival: 'ARRAY'});
// Load data
LOAD CSV WITH HEADERS FROM "file:///next_products.csv" AS row
MERGE (b:Brand { brandName : row.brandName })
MERGE (dep:Department { deptName: row.itemDepartment })
MERGE (cat:Category { catName: row.itemCategory })
MERGE (i:Item { itemId: row.itemId }) ON CREATE set i.itemName = row.itemName, i.composition = row.itemComposition, i.url = row.url
MERGE (i)-[:IN_CAT]->(cat)
MERGE (i)-[:IN_DEPT]->(dep)
MERGE (i)-[:BY]->(b) ;
//Annotate your data with the ontology
MATCH (c:Class) UNWIND c.label as langLabel
WITH collect( {key: toLower(semantics.getValue(langLabel)), classNode: c }) as termToClassMap
MATCH (i:Item)
FOREACH (material IN [x in termToClassMap where toLower(i.composition) contains x.key | x.classNode ] | MERGE (i)-[:CONTAINS]->(material)) ;
//Extend the ontology with custom categories
WITH '@prefix owl: <> .
@prefix rdfs: <> .
@prefix clmat: <> .
@prefix ccat: <> .
a owl:Class ;
rdfs:label "Animal-based material", "Materiales de origen animal"@es, "matière dorigine animale"@fr .
rdfs:subClassOf ccat:AnimalBasedMaterial .
rdfs:subClassOf ccat:AnimalBasedMaterial .
rdfs:subClassOf ccat:AnimalBasedMaterial .
AS onto
CALL semantics.importOntologySnippet(onto,"Turtle", { keepLangTag: true, handleMultival: 'ARRAY'}) YIELD terminationStatus, triplesLoaded
RETURN terminationStatus, triplesLoaded ;
//list synthetic materials in different languages
UNWIND ['es','en','fr'] AS lang
MATCH (w:Class { name: 'SyntheticFibre'})<-[:SCO*]-(woolVariant)
RETURN lang, COLLECT(semantics.getLangValue(lang,woolVariant.label)) as syntheticMaterials
//fleeces by Columbia
MATCH (:Category { catName: "Fleeces"})<-[:IN_CAT]-(i:Item)-[:BY]->(:Brand { brandName: "Columbia"})
RETURN i.itemId as id, i.itemName as name, i.url as url, i.composition as composition
//Brands producing hoodies
MATCH (:Category { catName: "Hoodies"})<-[:IN_CAT]-(i:Item)-[:BY]->(b:Brand)
RETURN b.brandName as brand, count(i) as productCount ORDER BY productCount DESC LIMIT 5 ;
//All leather products (explicit and implicit)
MATCH (leather:Class { name: "Leather"})
CALL semantics.inference.nodesInCategory(leather, { inCatRel: "CONTAINS" }) yield node AS product
WITH product MATCH (product)-[:BY]->(b:Brand)
return product.itemName AS product, b.brandName AS brand, product.composition AS composition ;
//Vegan trainers
MATCH (:Category {catName:"Trainers"})<-[:IN_CAT]-(item:Item)-[:BY]->(b:Brand), (ab:Class { name: "AnimalBasedMaterial"})
WHERE b.brandName IN ["Converse","New Balance","Nike"]
AND NOT semantics.inference.inCategory(item,ab,{ inCatRel: "CONTAINS" })
RETURN item.url, item.itemName, item.composition ;
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