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This is Maven Embedder plugin for Gradle. It retrieves project information from pom.xml and configures Gradle accordingly.

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This is Maven2 metadata (embedder) plugin for Gradle. It retrieves project information from pom.xml during the Gradle build and configures Gradle (at runtime) accordingly.

See the project's wiki for full details.


  • Project (POM)
    • Add project version, groupId and status (SNAPSHOT/release)
    • Runtime parsing of Maven pom.xml files
  • Plugins, Goals
    • Applying plugins for packagings: jar, war
    • Add source packaging if source-plugin present
    • Executes maven-clean-plugin after Gradle's Java plugin clean task
  • Dependencies
    • Runtime configuration of Gradle dependencies via the <dependency> tags in the pom.xml
    • Dependencies in compile, provided and test scopes
    • Exclusions for dependencies
    • Turn on transitivity for compile scope
  • Repositories
    • Maven repositories (both from pom.xml and profiles in settings.xml)
  • Compile, Source
    • Java compiler source and target levels
    • Add source packaging if source-plugin present

Limitations (To Dos):

  • Does not map all Maven plugins to the Gradle cousins (only a small subset).
  • Requires slightly special configuration to apply to multi-modules Gradle projects.
  • Requires definition of repositories and dependencies for the plugin to function. These should possibly be defaulted by the apply plugin: 'maven-metadata' statement.

Recognized Contributors:

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