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Example of using require.js with backbone.js
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Template project for backbone with require.js:

This project demonstrates how to use require.js with backbone.js and then replace require.js with almond.js in production.

See the file in public/js to see how the project is built. Note that the included require.js is currently an edge version.

To build the javascript files you can do:

node public/js/

However I'm lazy and like to type less so there's also a rake task:

rake build


This project comes with a basic sinatra app for serving assets. If you have ruby and bundler installed just do:
bundle install

To run the project

ruby app.rb

Then visit the following 3 urls: localhost:4567 localhost:4567/dev localhost:4567/jquery <– this file demonstrates how currently require.js will prefer the jquery loaded in the page to the one explicitly defined in the project.

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