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Updated require.js

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1 parent a811863 commit eaf3e22098bb4c7cef9fa1eec2ad1eacd231a14c @jbasdf committed
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  2. +1 −6 public/js/libs/require/require.js
2 Readme.rdoc
@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@ Template project for backbone with require.js:
This project demonstrates how to use require.js with backbone.js and then replace require.js with almond.js in production.
-See the file in public/js to see how the project is built.
+See the file in public/js to see how the project is built. Note that the included require.js is currently an edge version.
To build the javascript files you can do:
node public/js/
7 public/js/libs/require/require.js
@@ -1321,11 +1321,6 @@ var requirejs, require, define;
} : null]);
- //If a global jQuery is defined, check for it. Need to do it here
- //instead of main() since stock jQuery does not register as
- //a module via define.
- jQueryCheck();
//Doing this scriptCount decrement branching because sync envs
//need to decrement after resume, otherwise it looks like
//loading is complete after the first dependency is fetched.
@@ -1945,4 +1940,4 @@ var requirejs, require, define;
}, 0);

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