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The RoomMe and RoomMe room module work together to interface a Crestron system
with RoomMe personal location sensors.  The RoomMe module interfaces with the
RoomMe personal location sensors, parses the data sent to them by the RoomMe
sensors and passes that data along to the RoomMe Room modules.  One RoomMe 
Room module is required for each room that contains a RoomMe sensor.  

RoomMe Module Parameters
Port                    -   Port that the RoomMe sensors will use for http 
                            communications to the Crestron system

RoomMe Module Inputs
Initialize              -   Pulsed at startup to initialize the module and 
                            prepare it to receive data

RoomMe Module Outputs
Data$                   -   Messages that are passed to the RoomMe Room modules

RoomMe Room Module Parameters
Room_Name               -   Name of the Room that this module will control.  
                            This name must exactly match the room name 
                            specified in the RoomMe app for the sensor in 
                            the room

RoomMe Room Module Inputs
Data$                   -   Message input from the RoomMe module output

RoomMe Room Module Outputs
Low_Battery             -   Output will pulse if a low battery message is 
                            received from the RoomMe sensor in this room
Occupied                -   High while the room is occupied.  Low when it 
                            is not occupied
Controlling_User_ID     -   0 when the room isn't occupied.  Otherwsie 
                            the output will be the 1 based ID of the user 
                            who the RoomMe sensor determines with the 
                            highest priority and is in control of the room.
                            Note - RoomMe user ID's are zero based so
                            this value is the RoomMe user ID + 1
Controlling_Username$   -   Name of the user that the RoomMe sensr has 
                            determined has the highest priority and is in 
                            control of the room.
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