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Final project repository for RCES

My Binder: Binder

Project Description:

This project aims to derive and analyze the velocity of a lava flow site at Fissure 8 from the 2018 Lower East Rift Zone of Kilauea in Hawaii, from drone imagery collected by the USGS. This research is part of a larger project to understand and model multi-phase (lava, bubbles, and crystals) lava flows, and ultimatley better predict lava flow emplacement. Velocity vector fields are produced using particle image velocimetry (PIV), and analyzed through xarray.


More broadly, the scripts provided outline a workflow to derive and analyze surface velocity from drone video footage

  1. Video_to_Frames: Input: Video Data -> Output: 1 second frames in form of jpeg or tiff
  2. Frames_to_PIV: Input: Frame Images -> Output: Velocity fields in form of csv files for each image generated through OpenPIV - Particle Image Velocimetry
  3. PIV_to_Xarray: Input: PIV csv files -> Output: Organizes data across time, space and drone flight dimensions. Converts velocity fields to m/s, and corrects for drone motion
  4. Xarray_to_GIF: Input: Xarray -> Creates GIFs showing velocity for each frame and how it changes overtime
  5. final_project: Analyzes the velocity fields and creates figures to conceptualize data

(Note: only scripts for PIV_to_Xarray and final_project are compatible with Binder - others are meant to be downloaded and run on local drive)

Scientific Questions:

  • How can I accuratley extract lava flow surface velocity from drone footage?
  • How does lava flow velocity at Site 6 change throughout a day?
  • What is the average speed of the flows?
  • Understaning the influence of channel width on the apparent velocity?



Final project repository for RCES




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