Elixir image uploader that will encode image messages in protocol buffers and send over zeromq
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Elixir ØMQ Image Uploader

Project Details

I needed to evaluate sending images to server over zeromq using protocol buffers.

This project is written to do just that.

Built with:

  • Elixir
  • ZeroMQ - using the exzmq package
  • Protocol Buffers - using the exprotobuf package

Get started

First, ensure you have erlang and elixir installed. Then run mix do deps.get, deps.compile.

Ensure you have a zeromq endpoint listening somewhere, and put those settings in config/config.exs for ip and port to your zero MQ endpoint.

Then run mix run -e Zmq2Client.zmq

Push it to the limit

There's a simple script that will execute several several uploads in parallel.

Run sh bombardment_timing.sh and it will upload several in parallel and give you an output on time.