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example script for websocketd that enable running interactive commands for a cloud foundry application using a browser and websocket. websocketd with the devconsole option can easily send text commands from the browser (such as rake db:migrate) to STDIN of the bash.sh script which executes the commands and returns STDOUT as lines to the browser.



  1. downlaod a linux 64bit version of websocketd and place it in this directory
  2. execute chmod +x websocketd
  3. copy the entire websocketd-cloudfoundry into the app dir you would like to use it with
  4. push the application using something like gcf push myapp -c '/app/websocketd-cloudfoundry/websocketd --port=$PORT --dir=/app/websocketd-cloudfoundry --devconsole
  5. visit the URL of the application with /bash.sh at the end
  6. make sure that URL next to the checkbox uses the right protocol (either ws or wss) and a port that supports that protocol. on run.pivotal.io that will be a URL like wss://websocketd.cfapps.io:4443/bash.sh
  7. type some commands such as pwd or ls -al or ps aux

for more detail this video or the blog post.