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Added some informations about Mongoid compatibility in the README

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@@ -23,6 +23,12 @@ To apply Mongoid-ancestry to any Mongoid model, follow these simple steps:
Your model is now a tree!
+## Mongoid compatibility
+This gem only supports Mongoid 3.x starting with version 0.3.0.
+If you want to use Mongoid version 2.x, you should either use this gem in a 0.2.x version or checkout the "mongoid-2.4-stable" branch. You can ask bundler to stick with 0.2.x versions of this gem by adding this to your Gemfile: `gem 'mongoid-ancestry', '~> 0.2.2'`
## Organising records into a tree
You can use the parent attribute to organise your records into a tree. If you have the id of the record you want
to use as a parent and don't want to fetch it, you can also use `parent_id`. Like any virtual model attributes,

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