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Redmine Auto Private plugin

This plugin forces private issues for the projects you want. It is useful for projects with multiple users who shouldn't be able to see each other's issues. In such a context, users may not understand the implications of checking "Private" on their issues, or they could just forget it, which leads to unecessary information leaks accross the project. This plugin acts as a safety net for those issues by automatically setting every issue "Private" flag to "true" on Issue creation and update.


You can first take a look at general instructions for plugins here.

Then :

  • install the redmine_base_deface plugin (see here)
  • clone this repository in your "plugins/" directory ; if you have a doubt you put it at the good level, you can check you have a plugins/redmine_auto_private/init.rb file
  • install dependencies (gems) by running bundle install from the root of your redmine instance
  • migrate the database by running rake redmine:plugins from the root of your redmine instance
  • restart your Redmine instance (depends on how you host it)