NOT MAINTAINED - This plugin helps you manage your (small) datacenter
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Redmine Datacenter Plugin

THIS PLUGIN IS NOT MAINTAINED ACTIVELY ANYMORE, AND YOU SHOULDN’T USE IT. (I only make patches for my former colleagues who still use it for some months)

This plugin will help you manager your small datacenter through Redmine.


See first:

There are only 3 installation steps, it’s very easy :

  • clone this repository in your vendor/plugins directory ; if you have a doubt you put it at the good level, you can check you have a vendor/plugins/redmine_datacenter/init.rb file
  • run the migrations with : rake db:migrate_plugins
  • restart your Redmine instance (depends on how you host it)


If you like this plugin, it’s a good idea to contribute :

  • by giving feed back on what is cool, what should be improved
  • by reporting bugs : you can open issues directly on github for the moment
  • by forking it and sending pull request if you have a patch or a feature you want to implement

Known bugs / limitations

Here are some limitations I see in the actual implementation ; maybe they will be solved in future releases (depending on my own needs and potential requests from .. you) :

  • bad separation of datacenters at project level : you can enable/disable “datacenter” module at project level ; but if you enable it on two different projects, 1/ you will see the same servers/apps/etc., 2/ you’ll see issues from other projects. The main problem is I don’t know how to handle separation, functionnaly first, and also technically… Any idea would be welcome !


The icons, as some of redmine’s core, are taken from the Silk icons set. You can find it at