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Implementation of the paper Extrapolating paths with graph neural networks,

by Jean-Baptiste Cordonnier and Andreas Loukas.

Hansel und Gretel

Illustration by Arthur Rackham, 1909


We consider the problem of path inference: given a path prefix, i.e., a partially observed sequence of nodes in a graph, we want to predict which nodes are in the missing suffix. In particular, we focus on natural paths occurring as a by-product of the interaction of an agent with a network -- a driver on the transportation network, an information seeker in Wikipedia, or a client in an online shop. Our interest in path inference is due to the realization that, in contrast to shortest-path problems, natural paths are usually not optimal in any graph-theoretic sense, but might still follow predictable patterns.

Our main contribution is a graph neural network called Gretel. Conditioned on a path prefix, this network can efficiently extrapolate path suffixes, evaluate path likelihood, and sample from the future path distribution. Our experiments with GPS traces on a road network and user-navigation paths in Wikipedia confirm that Gretel is able to adapt to graphs with very different properties, while also comparing favorably to previous solutions.

example on 2D graph


Install a conda environment and the dependencies with ./ env_name.

Data can be downloaded from zenodo and is contained in

You can format your own data following the format defined in documentation.

Directory structure

├── gretel
|   ├── config
|        ├── wiki_nll
|        └── ...
└── workspace
|   ├── chkpt
|        ├── trained_model1
|        └── ...
|   ├── mesh
|   ├── planar
|   ├── gps
|   ├── gps-rnn
|   └── wikispeedia


python config/wiki...


If you find this useful, please consider citing the following:

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   author    = {Cordonnier, Jean-Baptiste and Loukas, Andreas},
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Implementation for the paper "Extrapolating paths with graph neural networks"




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