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#lang racket
(require racket/generator
(define dev-null (open-output-file "/dev/null"
#:exists 'update))
;; if processing drops below this pace, indicate
;; failure and continue with the next batch
;; GRR: the testrig doesn't clearly signal parse failures....
;; is this line indicative of an error?
(define (is-errline? line)
(match line
[(regexp #px#"^/") #f]
[(regexp #px#"^line ") #t]
[(regexp #px#"") #f]
[other (error "can't categorize this line: ~e" line)]))
;; return only the error lines from stderr
(define (only-errlines errtxt)
(filter is-errline? (regexp-split #px"\n" errtxt)))
;; run the parser on all files in the given directory, skipping the
;; ones matching the "skip-list" list of patterns, parsing using
;; the nonterminal specified by 'nonterm', running the given number in
;; parallel, and optionally skipping all files until finding one
;; that matches the 'start-with-pat' pattern
(define (run-tests given-filenames nonterm num-to-run-in-parallel
[start-with-pat #f])
(define filenames (take given-filenames 640))
(when (empty? filenames)
(error 'run-tests
"empty list of files to test"))
(define filenames2 (cond [start-with-pat
(dropf filenames (lambda (f)
(not (regexp-match start-with-pat f))))]
[else filenames]))
(when (empty? filenames2)
(error 'run-tests
"ran out of files while searching for pattern: ~e" start-with-pat))
(let loop ([remaining filenames2] [failed empty])
(cond [(empty? remaining)
(when (not (empty? failed))
(error 'run-tests
"some files timed out: ~s" failed))]
(define-values (next-bunch new-remaining)
(split-at remaining (min num-to-run-in-parallel (length remaining))))
(cond [(run-bunch nonterm next-bunch)
(loop new-remaining failed)]
(loop new-remaining (append next-bunch failed))])])))
;; test a bunch of files at once:
(define (run-bunch nonterm bunch)
(define total-lines (apply + (map file-lines bunch)))
(define pre-time (current-inexact-milliseconds))
(display (~a "Testing files containing "total-lines" lines of source code.\n"))
(match-define (list _1 stdin _2 stderr control)
(let ([ans (~a "java -Xmx2g org.antlr.v4.runtime.misc.TestRig Rust "
nonterm" -encoding UTF-8 "
(apply string-append (add-between bunch " ")))])
(printf "~s\n" ans)
(close-output-port stdin)
(define seconds-to-wait (/ total-lines MIN-LINES-PER-SECOND))
(define wait-thread (thread (lambda () (control 'wait))))
(define wait-result
(sync/timeout seconds-to-wait wait-thread))
;; kill the process if it times out:
[(not wait-result)
;; On Windows, this probably won't kill the process:
(control 'kill)
(~a "*** TIMEOUT: processing of files aborted after waiting "(~r seconds-to-wait)" seconds (= "MIN-LINES-PER-SECOND" lines per second):\n"bunch"\n")
(define result (control 'status))
(define errtext (first (regexp-match #px".*" stderr)))
(close-input-port stderr)
(define errlines (only-errlines errtext))
(when (or (not (eq? 'done-ok result))
(not (empty? errlines)))
(format "test of files ~s failed with result ~s and stderr\n~a"
bunch result errtext)))
(define post-time (current-inexact-milliseconds))
(define elapsed (/ (- post-time pre-time) 1000.0))
(define lines-per-second (/ total-lines elapsed))
(printf "parsing ran at ~a lines per second\n" (~r #:precision 2 lines-per-second))
;; this'll be slow, but probably not nearly as long as the parsing...
(define (file-lines path)
(length (file->lines path)))
;; return true if a ends with the string sought
(define (string-ends-with a sought)
(and (<= (string-length sought) (string-length a))
(string=? (substring a (- (string-length a) (string-length sought)) (string-length a))
(check-equal? (string-ends-with "abc" "bc") #t)
(check-equal? (string-ends-with "abc" "abc") #t)
(check-equal? (string-ends-with "abc" "zabc") #f)
#;(run-tests (make-lexer-list "/Users/clements/tryrust/src/")
(run-tests (make-parser-list "/Users/clements/tryrust/src/")
;3:50:33 total 1-at-a-time
;1:27.62 8-at-a-time
;1:15.73 total 16-at-a-time
;1:13.03 total 32-at-a-time