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Blob Analysis Example

Finds the boundaries of any blob in a 10x10 grid.

This code uses a Flood-Fill algorithm, as defined here:

Flood-fill (node, target-color, replacement-color):
	 1. If target-color is equal to replacement-color, return.
	 2. Set Q to the empty queue.
	 3. Add node to the end of Q.
	 4. While Q is not empty:
	 5.     Set n equal to the first element of Q.
	 6.     Remove first element from Q.
	 7.     If the color of n is equal to target-color:
	 8.         Set the color of n to replacement-color and mark "n" as processed.
	 9.         Add west node to end of Q if west has not been processed yet.
	 10.        Add east node to end of Q if east has not been processed yet.
	 11.        Add north node to end of Q if north has not been processed yet.
	 12.        Add south node to end of Q if south has not been processed yet.
	 13. Return.


  • I considered writing the code in Java but decided to use the opportunity as a C++ refresher
  • This is the first C++ code I've written in 10 years, re-learned quite a bit
  • The project uses features introduced in the recent C++11 standard


  • Code assumes only one blob in the image
  • This version is destructive to the source image. Variations can be done by either using a set to tracking the visited pixels, or by duplicating the source image for modification.
  • I could not figure out a variation of the algorithm to examine only 44 cells for the sample blob


The project uses the Gradle build system. Run the following to compile:

./gradlew debugMainExecutable

Once compiled, run the following to run the code:


Other Sample Code

Here are links to other sample code that might be relevant

  • React-based JavaScript app

    This project demonstrates good professional coding practices, such as unit tests and continuous integration.

  • A-Star in Clojure

    An implementation of A-Star search in Clojure, written a few years ago to demonstrate knowledge of functional programming.


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