Dart2JS-as-a-service: The best way to deploy Dart applications to the Javascript world.
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Dart2JS-as-a-service is a node.js module which compiles Dart applications to Javascript without any additional configuration.

It is designed to seamlessly port Dartium-centric workflows to production (JS-only) browsers.

How It Works

When dart2jsaas is given the URL of a Dart application, it will crawl all of the application's dependencies. The service then feeds the entire set of Dart files to dart2js and returns the generated Javascript.

Since it fetches data directly from the server, it does not depend on the the filesystem, pub or pubspec.lock. As long as the app loads correctly in Dartium, dart2jsaas will be able to compile the app into Javascript.

Don't Repeat Yourself. One Configuration

dart2jsaas allow you to use the same deployment configuration for both Dartium and dart2js. Since dart2jsaas does not depend on the filesystem, it works with on-the-fly generated Dart code and configurations where code is served from multiple locations.


The basic use-case is to listen for main.dart.js HTTP requests, compile main.dart and return the response. This setup works well with dart.js' fallback scheme where if it can't find a Dart VM, it simply requests x.dart.js in place of the x.dart script tag.

Middleware for connect / express is included.

Simple, command-line integration is also possible. See cmdline.js.

To see dart2jsaas in action, check out karma and the karma-dart project.


We are using jasmine-node.

npm install jasmine-node -g jasmine-node spec/