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converts wp-e-commerce based shops to be compatible with woocommerce
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WPeC to WooCommerce converter

A Wordpress plugin to help migrating from WP e-Commerce to WooCommerce.


This is a developer's plugin. We recommend that you read the code and only use it on a test version of your site.

BACK UP YOUR DATABASE! This plugin converts from WP e-Commerce to WooCommerce in place. This is a potentially destructive operation. The only way to recover if the conversion fails is to restore the database from a backup.


  • Install as any WP plugin (copy to wp-content/plugins).

  • Make sure Woocommerce plugin is activated.

  • Go to Tools > WPeC to Woo and check the numbers

  • Optional: Disable WP e-Commerce, (this will speed up the migration by a lot).

  • Click Convert my store and watch the magic happen

What it does

The plugin converts products, (including variations), categories and orders to WooCommerce.

Many shop settings will be lost in the process, it also sets all products tax status to 'taxable' and the tax class to 'standard' regardless.

What it doesn't doesn't do

  • There is no refund line item on refunded orders.
  • Backorder status may not be transferred properly.
  • Featured products may not be transferred properly.
  • Product galleries may not be transferred as expected on newer versions of WP e-Commerce.
  • Order Taxes are very USA-centric.


  • Product attributes may appear in a different order than they do in the WP e-Commerce shop.


This has been tested on WP 4.8.9, using WPEC 3.13.1 and Woocommerce 3.4.7.

Please let us know if you have any issues or requests.

Suggestions for future improvements

  • Operate more on WooCommerce objects, (WC_Product, WC_Order, etc), instead of the underlying WP data.
  • Improve handling of taxes on orders, (tax rates and tax totals on orders & items in orders).
  • Improve handling of product galleries.
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