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Demo page not working on internet explorer and Firefox android. #5

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mastasushi Jacob Beard

Hello Jacob,

I'm trying to use your library in a project, which would be based on a statemachine, so I found the SCXML format and your SCION which seems to do what I want :)
BUT, the demo page doesn't seem to work on Internet Explorer 8 and 9 and in Firefox on Android.
Do you know why it wouldn't work, and would it be easy to fix ?

Thank you.

Jacob Beard

I'll look into it.

Jacob Beard

Looks like the IE DOM compatibility layer was broken. The fix is checked in, and a new nightly build is posted to

The demo has been updated now too, and has been tested in IE6-9, and recent Safari, Firefox, and Chrome.

It looks like the demo would also work in Fennec, if it listened for touch events.


I'm trying to use your library (the drag'n drop demo) in an application, and it works great in Firefox (doen't work in Chrome on a local file access, because of security problems, but nevermind), but it doesn't seem to work in Internet Explorer 8 and 9.

I've used the following libraries :

and it gives me an error on the following lines :

var util = require('../core/util/util'),
basePlatform = require('../embedded/platform').platform;

//browser mostly just inherits path from basePlatform
exports.platform = util.merge(Object.create(basePlatform),{

Do you have any idea on how to make it work ?
Thank you.

Jacob Beard

Are you using the nightly build?

If you are using the nightly build, and you're still experiencing problems in IE, can you please link to a reduced test case?


Yes I'm using the nightly build, and your fix, worked just fine ! Thanks again for that ! But there is still the problem when I try to call a function I already defined.

Se here is a reduced test case :

basically, you start in "OFF" mode. In the tag, I call

which then does alert(message).

The "Active State" should display the current state.

Then you can change state with the radio button.
Once you are in "ON" mode, you can travel through modes using the PB2 button.

That test case works just fine in everybrowser except IE.

Jacob Beard

Good catch. SCION was not using the dom compatibility layer on top-level scripts. Fixed in f0549be

You can just grab the latest built version out of the new dist/ folder.

Jacob Beard

If you find other bugs, I'd appreciate it if you could open new issues, as it makes them easier to track.


Thanks a lot !
Sorry for the late reply, there was christmas holidays and I was testing your modification but couldn't make it work... but then I realized there was a mistake on my side... Now it works like a charm !
Sure next time I'd properly create a new bug (I'm not used to github yet).

Happy new year !

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