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JBehave Selenium Tutorials on the website

Using jbehave-core, jbehave-web, and Selenium against pre-existing website to test it's shopping cart.

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  1. The module 'etsy-selenium' runs (via maven) stories verifying the behaviour of It uses Selenium to drive the web interaction and it has different sub-modules depending on the language and dependency injection framework used: Groovy composed using Pico or Java composed using Spring.
  2. The module 'etsy-web-runner' is a simple webapp that allows generic stories to be run. Note the app is not multiuser and not does support asynchronous execution. It is not appropriate to run long-running stories. It is also useful as a web front-end to the DSL syntax defined in your steps.

JBehave Web Runner for

  1. Uses the 'etsy-selenium/java-spring' steps and makes them available via the JBehave Web Runner.

Building with Maven

The tutorial modules can be built using the following Maven profiles:

  1. groovy-pico
  2. java-spring
  3. web-runner

To run:

$ mvn clean install -P[profile]

To use latest stable versions:

$ mvn clean install -P[profile],stable

To use access the latest snapshot from codehaus:

$ mvn clean install -s settings.xml -P[profile],codehaus


See LICENSE.txt in the source root (BSD).

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