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JBehave is a collection of extension for JBehave that extend its capabilities in ways related to HTTP and the web.

JBehave logo


  1. Web-Selenium. Bindings to Selenium 1.0 and 2.0 allowing JBehave operate on web-sites.
  2. Web-Runner. A web-app that allow the synchronous experimental running of stories for non-developers.
  3. Web-Queue. A Web-interface for the enqueing of stories to be run later.


Canonical information for JBehave:

  1. Documentation.
  2. User mailing list

Contributing and Developing

Please report issues, feature requests on JIRA issue tracker or discuss them on the dev mailing list.

Depended-on Technologies

JDK required: 1.7 (or above) Maven required (3.0 or above).


Configure IDE to use UTF-8 for all files Configure Maven by adding "-Dfile.encoding=UTF-8" to $MAVEN_OPTS

IDE Integration

Maven is supported in Intellij IDEA out-of-the-box Maven is supported in Eclipse out-of-the-box


A regular Maven build will suffice:

mvn install

Maven Build Profiles

  • default: builds all releasable modules
  • examples: builds all headless examples

Maven Build Profiles used during release cycle

  • reporting: builds reports
  • distribution: builds distribution (documentation)

Note: profiles are additive and the default profile is always active.

Example Profile Usages

Build Core and all Examples

mvn install -Pexamples

Build with Reporting and Distribution

mvn install -Preporting,distribution 

Building a Release with Maven

mvn release:prepare -Preporting,distribution 
mvn release:perform -Preporting,distribution


See also the jbehave-core sister project for web extensions to JBehave, and jbehave-tutorial for a decent example of JBehave testing of a web application.


See LICENSE.txt in the source root (BSD).

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