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* Primary configuration file for the program.
* @author j-belelieu
* @date 6/28/15
* @package Banana Dance Lite
* @link
* @license GPL-3.0
* @link
// Name of your wiki.
define('BD_NAME', 'Documentation');
// Select your company's branding color for use in the header.
define('BD_BRANDING_COLOR', '#111');
// The name of the theme you wish to use.
// The theme folder is found in your /views/ folder.
define('BD_THEME', 'impulse');
// Base URL to your wiki.
// No trailing slash!
define('BD_BASE_URL', '');
// Default language to use throughout the program.
define('BD_DEFAULT_LANGUAGE', 'en');
// Whether to turn on error reporting during debugging.
define('BD_DEBUG', true);
// Use PHP's standard date formatting:
define('BD_DATE_FORMAT', 'Y/m/d g:ia');
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