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Classic Cinema Video Addon for XBMC


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From the about page:

Welcome to Classic Cinema Online!

If you're like me, you probably really enjoy vintage films.

I think that the films of yesteryear possess a certain finesse that entertains audiences on a completely different level than today's films.

Because of my simple appreciation for the quality entertainment of years gone by, I thought I'd like to create a website dedicated to showing these films.

The real encouragement, though, came when half a world away, a friendly acquaintance of mine suggested I do this just a day or so after I first thought of the idea, so I really like to give him credit for the creation of this website, because without his giving me his ideas I might not have actually built this website.

Classic Cinema Online started off at the end of December, 2006, with my toying around with the idea of taking some of the movies hosted on Google, and other sites, and posting them here in one place for all to see and enjoy, pretty much to take the frustration out of "movie hunting".



If you are using XBMC Dharma and above, you should be able to install this plugin through the official addons installer within XBMC.

Contact or jbel on