The latest and greatest version of xbmcswift. Different package name, slight different API, same great project.
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A micro framework to enable rapid development of XBMC plugins.


  • Run the addon from the command line or within XBMC without changing any code.
  • Helper libraries to make common XBMC api operations easy, like adding items, getting settings, creating temporary files, etc.
  • Handles all the url parsing involved in plugin routing. No need to deal with complicated URLs and query strings.


xbmcswift2 is available in pypi, so you can install via pip:

pip install xbmcswift2

You should probably also read to ensure it is properly installed for XBMC as well.


The current documentation can be found at It covers installation, quickstart, a guide to writing an addon and documentation for the full xbmcswift2 API.

Upgrading from xbmcswift

This project is the next version of xbmcswift. While the APIs are similar, there are a few things that are not backwards compatible with the original version, hence the new name.

If you are upgrading an addon that used xbmcswift, see


xbmcswift2 is now available in the official XBMC Eden repository. Every time a new release is created and uploaded to pypi, a new XBMC release will be created as well. Be aware that XBMC's "version" for xbmcswift2 will not match the official python package version.

New features and bug fixes are done on the develop branch of this repo. If you are interested in using the develop branch, you can install locally via pip:

pip install git+git://

The documentation for the develop branch can be found at


Bugs, patches and suggestions are all welcome. I'm working on adding tests and getting better coverage. Please ensure that your patches include tests as well as updates to the documentation. Thanks!


#xbmcswift on freenode

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