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Academic courses I teach at NYU Abu Dhabi and New York
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Overview of my academic teaching

New York University Abu Dhabi

Program: Interactive Media

Future Punk

Speculative fiction, strategy planning, future studies: We work our way through the field of futurism and use its methods as our creative tool.
Spring 2020, IM-UH 2513

Politics of Code

Deconstructing the design and implementation of software as a political medium and re-building functional alternatives.
Spring 2020, IM-UH 3310

Nature of Code aka Decoding Nature

Capturing and modelling complexity in code: Laws of motion, complex systems, generative art.
Fall 2019, IM-UH 2318


Remixing the internet.
Fall 2019, IM-UH 2310

New York University, New York

Interactive Telecommunications Program ITP

Blockchain Fiction

"Blockchain is the new Internet" (or not)
Spring 2017 to 2019 ITPG-GT 2115

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