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X-Plane package manager: Hassle-free package management for X-Plane enthusiasts

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XPpkg - Hassle free X-Plane package management


This project is in "Development Status :: 2 - Pre-Alpha".

Support the Developer: Answer some Questions

To get a good understanding what you want please take 2 minutes to answer a couple of questions on the use

Main Pain

Installation of Scenery, Aircraft, NavData, Plugins are a pain. The sim-community is flooded with good (and bad) quality add-ons and extentions. Finding them, arranging them and browsing all sites to find your own golden flightsimulator 'installation' is always a pain.

After returning to X-plane after a few years (coming from the MS-FS world), nothing that much changed. For that reason it is aimed to create XPpkg:

  • XPpkg is a hassle-free X-Plane package installer, much alike pip in python: to download, install and upgrade various X-Plane packages from various internet sources.
  • XPpkg for developers of packages for X-Plane should be a hassle free way to distribute their packages


Main inspiration comes from my work within the *NIX world (That is essential Linux and the *NIX with the best graphical UI on top: Mac OSX) and python.

Python Package Management Examples:

Various Linux Examples:

  • apt, apt-get, aptitude, dpkg originally created for Debian/GNU Linux
  • rpm

Mac OSX Package Management Examples:

Other Examples:


A github repository will function for now as the main place for collaboration at

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