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Django-NewProj sets up a Django project further along the path than just running startproject by making a number of assumptions about your preferences, encouraging a particular dev environment configuration and by loading in an initial set of templates, CSS files and JavaScript libraries.


You will be using either Homebrew or Vagrant configured in a specific way as your dev environment.

With Homebrew you can use one machine, one database, one Python installation for multiple projects and clients. This setup uses Virtualenv to separate out Python packages per-project but an upgrade to Python or PostgreSQL or anything else will affect all projects on the system.

With Vagrant, Django-NewProj encourages a one-off virtual (Linux) box for each project. This allows you to customize not just the Python packages but the Python, PostgreSQL and any other software-level packages you want on a per-project or per-client basis.

You will be using PostgreSQL as your database.

Django-NewProj provides specific directions for setting up a PostgreSQL server and/or database for the project (depending on whether you're using Vagrant or Homebrew).

Django-NewProj configures your Django project for use with a PostgreSQL database and installs South for database migrations.

You will be using SASS with the Compass and Susy frameworks.

Django-NewProj uses stylesheets written to take advantage of these frameworks in providing a grid, CSS reset, and various abstractions as a starting point for a new project.

Django-NewProj further takes advantage of CSS compression out of Compass and uses django-compressor to allow combining multiple CSS or JS files into a single resource.

Your site will be optimized for search engines.

Django-NewProj creates a robots.txt file and sitemaps.xml file with initial configuration of both that can be further customized to the particular project.

You will be developing for use on multiple devices.

Django-NewProj utilizes django_mobile middleware and templatetags to do device detection for making server or template-level modifications on a platform or device level.

Django-NewProj installs django-floppyforms to take advantage of HTML5 form fields to greatly enhance the mobile user experience.

You will be using memcached.

Django-NewProj installs the necessary packages to take advantage of but does not fully configure memcached for use in the production environment.

You will be using Fabric for deployment.

Django-NewProj installs a fabfile with a number of pre-configured methods for deployment and server management.

Installation and Usage

See the readme file within the docs directory for installation and usage instructions.

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