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package Galileo::Command::dump;
use Mojo::Base 'Mojolicious::Command';
use Mojo::File;
use Mojo::Util qw/encode/;
use Getopt::Long qw/GetOptionsFromArray/;
has description => "Dump all stored pages as markdown\n";
has usage => <<END;
usage: $0 dump [options]
An optional directory to dump to may be specified; the directory
must exist. By default it dumps to the current working directory.
By default the title of the page is included as an HTML comment.
This option accepts an sprintf format for including the title.
As a special case, if this flag is given without argument, an h1
title is created.
An encoding type. Defaults to UTF-8. Available encodings are the
same as Encode module of Perl.
sub run {
my $self = shift;
GetOptionsFromArray( \@_,
'directory=s' => \my $dir,
'title:s' => \(my $title = '<!-- %s -->'),
'encoding:s' => \(my $encoding = 'UTF-8'),
$title = '# %s' unless $title;
if ( $dir and ! -d $dir ) {
die qq{Directory "$dir" does not exist\n};
my $pages = $self->app->schema->resultset('Page')->search;
while ( my $page = $pages->next ) {
my $file = Mojo::File->new($page->name . '.md');
$file = Mojo::File->new($dir)->child("$file") if $dir;
my $content = sprintf "$title\n", $page->title;
$content .= $page->md;
$content = encode($encoding, $content) if $encoding;
say "Export Complete";