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use Zoidberg::Shell;
# first get a reference to our shell object
my $shell = Zoidberg::Shell->current();
# zoiddevel(1) documents the stacks used by the parser
# here we add a subroutine to the "word_expansion" stack
$$shell{parser}->add( 'word_expansion',
sub {
my ($meta, @words) = @{ shift() }; # get a block
# simple search and replace for the pattern
# shell() is documented in Zoidberg::Shell it sets $@ on error
# on error we die without complaining and leave the pattern untouched
# so it can be checked for similar expansions,
# like the one done by
for (@words) {
/^=(\S+)$/ or next;
my $path = $shell->shell({die_silently => 1}, 'which', $1);
$_ = $path unless $@;
return [$meta, @words]; # return a block
} );
=head1 NAME - example source script
This script demonstrates how you can add an expansion to zoid's parser.
It can be sourced from within zoid with the C<source> builtin.
You can also put this code in your F<~/.zoidrc>.
The specific expansion implemented here replaces a word starting with
a '=' with the output of the 'which' command. For example:
zoid$ ls -l =ls
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 70204 2004-12-16 07:55 /bin/ls
This expansion seems to be a feature of B<zsh>, put this code in your
F<~/.zoidrc> if you like it.
=head1 AUTHOR
Jaap Karssenberg, E<lt>pardus@cpan.orgE<gt>
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