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keep dns up to date with k8s node ips
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node-ip-controller is a Kubernetes Controller that watches a cluster to keep a DNS record updated with the external IP's of all healthy nodes.

I use this to run a small cluster in GKE for my personal projects without needing to pay for a load balancer. With a single pre-emptible g1-small instance the monthly cost is around $5.

To make this useful, I've exposed the nginx-ingress using HostPorts.


First, make sure your gcloud and kubectl cli's are correctly configured.

We're going to run this service in it's own namespace, so let's create that first.

kubectl create namespace node-ip-controller

Then we're going to creating a GCP service account with permissions to make DNS changes.

PROJECT_ID=$(gcloud config get-value project)

# Create a service account
gcloud iam service-accounts \
  create node-ip-service-account --display-name "NodeIP DNS"

# Grant it the dns.admin role
gcloud projects add-iam-policy-binding \
  --member serviceAccount:node-ip-service-account@$ \
  --role /roles/dns.admin

# Create an key and save it to disk so we can add it to k8s.
gcloud iam service-accounts keys create \
  key.json \
  --iam-account node-ip-service-account@$

# Add the secret to kubernetes
kubectl create secret generic \
  node-ip-dns-credentials \
  --from-file key.json \
  --namespace node-ip-controller

# And lastly remove the secret from disk again
rm key.json

And now we're ready to deploy things to kubernetes.

kubectl apply -f deploy.yml

Lastly, we need to ensure the configuration is correct.

# edit config.yml, then
kubectl apply -f config.yml
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