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Build Scala Android apps using Scala

NOTE: this plugin is currently not actively maintained. Have a look instead at android-sdk-plugin.

sbt-android-plugin is an extension for the Scala build tool sbt which aims to make it as simple as possible to get started with Scala on Android.

Together with giter8 you can create and build a simple Android Scala project in a matter of minutes.

Getting started

See the Getting started guide on the wiki for more documentation. In case you're not not familiar with sbt make sure to check out its excellent Getting Started Guide first.

Hacking on the plugin

If you need make modifications to the plugin itself, you can compile and install it locally (you need at least sbt 0.11.x to build it):

$ git clone git://
$ cd android-plugin
$ sbt publish-local

Migrating from 0.7.x

For those who are familiar with the 0.7.x plugin, there is a migration guide for a quick reference. The 0.7.x version is no longer maintained - but it is still available in the 0.7.x branch.

Mailing list

There's no official mailing list for the project but most contributors hang out in scala-on-android or simple-build-tool.

You can also check out a list of projects using sbt-android-plugin to see some real-world examples.


This code is based on work by Walter Chang (saisiyat), turned into a plugin by Mark Harrah, and maintained by Jan Berkel.

A lot of people have contributed to the plugin; see contributors for a full list.

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An sbt plugin for Android development in Scala




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