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  • Plugin ported to sbt 0.10.x/0.11.x (Philip Cali)

  • Update path to Google's Android add-ons (nuriaion)

  • Use the ApkBuilder class in sdklib.jar instead of the deprecated apkbuilder command-line executable (Paul Butcher)

  • Support for building standard Java Android projects (Jan Berkel)

  • AndroidManifestGenerator trait to control and increment versionCode and versionName properties (Kevin Hester)

  • Integrated ddmlib to grab screenshots and memory/thread dumps from emulator / device (Jan Berkel)

  • Android library project support (Paul Butcher)

  • Include resources in apk (Kevin Hester)

  • Github API integration: upload apks to github/S3 (Jan Berkel)

  • Upgrade to proguard 4.6 w/ optional optimization (Martin Kneissl)