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-Requires [sbt](
+Requires [sbt]( and the [Android SDK]( (`brew install android-sdk` when using [homebrew]( on OSX).
To use the plugin in a project, you just need to create project/plugins/Plugins.scala:
@@ -15,19 +15,22 @@ and make the project definition in project/build/Project (for example):
class Project(info: ProjectInfo) extends AndroidProject(info) {
- override def androidPlatformName = "android-1.5"
+ override def androidPlatformName = "android-2.1"
// or preferably set the ANDROID_SDK_HOME environment variable
- override def androidSdkPath = Path.fromFile(new File("/home/mark/code/java/android-sdk-linux_x86-1.5_r2"))
+ override def androidSdkPath = Path.fromFile(new File("/usr/local/Cellar/android-sdk/r5"))
// set to the keystore alias you used when creating your keychain
val keyalias = "my_keys"
// set to the location of your keystore
override def keystorePath = Path.userHome / ".keystore" / "mykeys.keystore"
Alternatively, you can also use a provided script to set everything up for you:
- $ script/create_project MyAndroidProject
+ $ script/create_project myAndroidProject
This will generate the project structure as well as all needed files plus skeleton tests, specs and activities.
@@ -56,6 +59,8 @@ If you need make modifications to the plugin itself, you can compile and install
$ cd android-plugin
$ sbt publish-local
+Because the plugin gets cached in a project based on its version number you might need to use `sbt clean-plugins` to force a reload after `sbt publish-local`.
This code is based on work by Walter Chang
@@ -1,3 +1,3 @@
* Plugin has been renamed to sbt-android-plugin
-* sbt start-emulator command (GH-4) (steve918)
+* sbt start-emulator/device actions (GH-4) (steve918)
* Various proguard config enhancements (GH-9, GH-10, GH-11)

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