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The ability to create your own runners:

in manifest:

        android:label="Tests" android:targetPackage="novoda.widget.tests"
        android:name="" />

in build.sbt:

    instrumentationRunner in Android := "",

I was thinking taking the name as task key from manifest but yield in complexity.


hey carl, any chance you could rebase this against the current master ? it cannot be merged cleanly at the moment.

@charroch charroch Merge remote-tracking branch 'jan/master'

Could you try now? I lost my specs output because of the ITestListener... I might play with the latest plugin a bit more.

For info, I am using scalatest precompiled and installed on device will using the following runner:

Either you can merge the changes or wait and I ll push new changes to ensure you only parse test results for unit tests


it then might make sense to only use ITestListener when the standard runner is used i guess.


previously I just logged the output of ADB. I ll need to revisit.


maybe you can make your scala testrunner produce some output compatible with google's ? then only one testlistener would be required.

@jberkel jberkel closed this Apr 17, 2012
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